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Sample Section 4: ^r*^J b ffij?; variables, display the pattern in standard form, assess for ^,',*\_-Since only lunatics are philosophers, and Dr Mc is a lunatic, it follows Ftr= ^*t she's a philosopher' I ehi b +- nLl @o*u p lw, rr.,u:) .z-. Aft9 h,ru A A p&M.U dn ,. I o= -t/-fs'r ,Laa;ul 4 D, Qc 3 A4lO a/& g h,"t aL's+flb"+g4 ,-{l m late. l'll be in big trouble, since(if l'm late, l'll disrupt the class/ irrt^J 9AN,/\+)4,\Znd f I disrupt the class, I'll be in big trouble) / = |'n l.atl R4= ) n;ru1tt 4-"lrt> ui-A = t U\ Vz ;n Vi) '4"'o*hv Sample Section 5 in a moment Reconstructing an argument ls an argument being
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Unformatted text preview: presented? t. {J P , +L!tr& K. 3.U P I ti\er1 g&. vohd' "nr*WA,r,''L ZU"lit' li,l*n \*n^ ) ,ndru-is the passage e4 rhn+,*,'(A Z-is the passage si,yb! ,lurr,"frt', Z-is the passage presentin g nn eryLwrta+aon as opposed to an argument? --We will return to this. lf you think an argument is presented, you can try to reconstruct it. C""t/"tsi'rl Figure out what the -,p@ is and what the prowse4 (@ (gven)are: r -r-J a) ru,r*i:o- indicators: beu-se. r 9ir,,tt-, i"'PL;u r Slwws b) ranr1u<ion indicators: he'ne, 4w7'ru t 9o , +'l*s Put what is given into standard form. 1101001weeks#2oat 3...
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