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Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 (1101) Part Notes, Week 6#1 O Reconstructing Arg uments \g <Lwe ra wepne,rF., ? - "The RCMP will no longer investigate themselves in cases involving serious injury or death of suspects, the head of the RCMP announced Thursday. .. 'The RCMP must strive to be as open and transparent as possible and fully accountable for its actions,' he said." vs, 201ua2105 "l'd have more sympathy for Quebec Premier Jean Charest's noble position on climate change if his province weren't destroying the lungs and lives of so many 2010t02105 "Re: lgnoring Supreme Court Khadr's Ruling, Ottawa Won't Request Repatriation "Your van was running poorly because the carburetor's air intake filter was blocked by a piece of insulation. Since so little air was getting in, the carburetor could not produce the right airlfue1filffire." My mechanic, last year Argument or
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes, it depends on 6r\t9Kt ls the speaker trying to rawinr.P- 4L lAgg'A01. +hot s'nnGg is +,b co* ? ^{/{r ! "BW, of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, seems to have a bit of an 'l'm all right, Jack' attitude. I presume she can walk, bathe, and dress herself. feed herself and be fairly independent. I have a degenerative neurological disease. My neurologist tells me that eventually I will not be able to talk, walk or feed myself. I hope that when my time comes, our elected representatives will be more enlightened and lwill be able to die with dignity in my own country." M. Mitchell, VS, 201 0102105 ls there an argument? I feel sorry that KC felt her only way out was to fly off to Switzerland to die in a clinic there. I doubt she was terminally ill with spinal stenosis. The story made it look as if the easy way out is to fly off to this clinic, eat chocolate and take a pill. Oq is tt-re speaker trying C^t\ 1 1 01001week6#'1 part O...
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