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IMG_0002_NEW_0017 - though f-ALoVltrWArl it is not 3as-Re...

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This leads down a path that could be treacherous; elderly people may be encouraged to take their own lives, which is never the right decision." M McLaughlin. VS. 2010102105 The ccrc;usion seems to be that Mqi^J-ej s*tud* sl:""-bl' w< bL (1d Hard :o see t^ ;. ^^ ^^^^^! +^ 1, ,. :-. .t.tyrt:q - beJ?Ji/L1 ? Le: -e get this straight: The Vancouver lsland Health Authority is going to cut S 1 a-- , In seryices to 'some of the most vulnerable people in the city' [ref], yet V :::: a nas enough money to consider building a new marina that could house 5l -e3a-yachts [ref]. I'm no math genius, butsomething doesn'tadd up here." Ka:e Sc es T^e'e roes seem to be an argument here,
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Unformatted text preview: though f-ALoVltrWArl it is not 3as. . -Re =,ant c;is? i-.^ ^ ^^-^-^o C^e : :ss.cie reconstruction: Argument Analysis ' lc^ rl= r.rhoihar t UJe JU Itl ULl lVl (,144eAt !t'. . ^^ ^^^ rl . Jvdii I- :t;;:r,i'-t.,--- 2- j,:-+'tf-,:lt- L+-t:-''- rr a',';'u r-f.a:-tr'-'/.-'gf'iI.ta'-tt*;-L.r-So-nie paSSa3eS -p, c t:.2 i/aSp. 1,r4pU5 . . =.-'t-ffu't l^!4 4a- n"fl t nh{ t Yl+h i'v+Pqo( ,4o @ ;t sW'"Jl slnmx- -tn t' ffa'n^a4 z 1ki- fr^,'+ hot & wrv4 ;, ;;;';,;";^'( ,t'-i-t'1( YY ^i^/+A-;,,ttp'4 f *r^-Ask yours eif : -* lr,Lq ir;*.a4 ru?+qtS ?tp c.Lc($ a lrpryt(ivl rl, lf so. you can engag e in a+,,,nant- lttsttsl'tuctlvt 1101001week6#1 part O...
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