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Sometimes this conflicts with ? Ct lf we can think of f b "' 0+of'qtnL , we can Oetef!- M A/{l-after we have evaluated his or hil ''*#t'dt ve/rars generalizations: Generalizations apply to One generalization is Nlcfu4 than another if it applies il i ot\t"t (lt* s, - ,rwt +'h;r7., 1. Most students are over 17. 2. Most university students are over 17. Which is tilclYr z t Which is wru rewn&laZ 7 tl The wtc(tr a generalization, the more chance that it is This is because
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Unformatted text preview: it !rt)d,/% -+.^, fri^de -4/v,45 .V However. providing a nd,rvv,,l generalization when a usually -tx+*+- +$-n^uont in question. ' ovJ-u)LLf rs true, li4ost university students tor'r,r*llZo+r, 11 (n(1^ are over 17, Add one Principle: L Pq Pttlo ) a +ru,t V'td'L generalization rather than a *rruu Wrvwle'r but add a llvre bortn)generalization rather than a Ai anv rate. be sure to supplv missinq o,^Ant"-liWS Dogs are mammals. 1 1 01 001week6#1 pan O...
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