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With the four standard categorical statements for use in valid categorical syllogisms V^-L tcV^"lt \^Aat ? Does it follovr from the fact that no dogs are fish that no fish are dogs? That is. can one validly infer from 'No A are B' to 'trh g ora A' ? /n4 All A are B to 'ALI I 6,fl- A' ? rw Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 (1101)Part Notes, Week 6#2 O Tips for the midterm. and 0 trVhy? So=e A are B'to '1t l b a,a At ? y?h Sci^ne A are not B' to' S;,^t 9 o,rt-,wt' A' ? fur ( t X ^fttt rf""f ,rff, ; Tne process we've been discussing is called:
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Unformatted text preview: 'Grrrrrsiorl' a cateqorical statement by SwuPPt' *dr'ca@ -tlzrtns -lr-Thjs is ^ ,tal,^cl, t+tu+h ft'sunt\lmove for luegArt,tvp- u,nivuh,/S only. Conversion in those cases yields a hiUll'l e-tfrVo"(fznt statement r Note that which terms ^re d,bWtblr?ol SA,4s -tta- s?^L v Argument Analysis Step 1 : is M at!*ne,nL fef-ftld ? step 2: jt t' rel,oovun'wL tL. LU N I d" tut^&L{ s4set' ) Step 3: (iu -l"ane the reconstruction-make sure the argument really ts llx/1-'t"^,.'t ffi J 1 1 01 001 week6#2part O...
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