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(clarify we've discusseV.) \ . I r ,. -add VShf tla<aav19 at each line. whv? Leaving them in can and try to make it -L*ut-to a Pattern -if there are any L' , 9V/Y0'1 fa , either /'teU- +lrl,ra J" or cold t*nduV to make them 0 ob S"^Z nasl,eao( ,Lj vA!^ o"{- Noh^atL We might think the premise 'rrA- rwqsngble f, fu//o'/t' so Jli&_the argument even when the premise is beside the point. V/e can help ourselves by stating " .lwt t' u'+"tlt " at each h!9ot a re con struction. Every line in an argument must be one of three things: 4, -w e<ptnuL ?ft/wlre 2 .4^ ,tfiUn prvr^ree 3 alleged to 'lo[e"t 1o'r' something that went before' i,"rat is. a coa,,l,"tsim
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Unformatted text preview: , ei+fuT i'Ykul- vr eYlr;c,tL 1 !'ie say !+the line is there r EP I = <-t,l"a:-''t- fft-n'92' t lP t = ' ,1, .' :; tpl*l9L For : r*! :ohtlugov . we write (.FL,t ar \7r\ follorved by the r,r ' >-i {./g (,anl"' from which the conclusion follovts I For < ,h ' ccr,tL+'9er6 , we write followed by the nvn byr< o+ lk {aWA from which it follows. I lf you like peaches. you ll like nectarines. So, you'll like nectarines. | lJ Y Ub fb{Au , P''4 hh-a nulo'itz5 ' cEP) >. [",t hfu facl't+ ,'J P,'-a 'ft- hkt'' rtedpnps ( E'tlt2). . Soffietimes. it is not clear whether somethtng ts '!:i 1101001week#2part O...
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