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Some problem cases in reconstruction. 1. A,abiq"r'v senfences ' , ?rr"- Examples. I ,,uo( 9*2 * 6!9 htS uralk 4^rq7 -t" * eH -z/.ere ig l.,nmM A- ,49/1 th rr/" 1"r cr*zr4 ,r*n4 J A sentence is I/h4{2- its ',"-,140t1t^uoYl- Examptes IW W*f\sid'\t+4 t^4.!- (y/oro m"Y +hryt fl.atlws 1l*- W I }rirts. HSvr,rrtg tn€v( Cglavrq g\A'^ d- 1.,k ,t {cW t^tbr'q,^)+,4 : it is not clear whether the referent is Compare: ;t, , tlQ' hwU 'iii' ilL lvuu 9t!'"nUL 1Al 901/^2 Dl,a tu^L E'g1n'u{r Often. context will -l ;,-o,*biolv'L49 n Watch out for cases ot %w vo cta+t sn # 111 one (Qst'/a(
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Unformatted text preview: ffA fr-ffu u* 1ln+trt *ft*n 7et b.r',4'ud ,hquowS if it can be used to express hr'n d ifferent p ropositions. : a word in the sentence Cg.^ Ntt^la-e , . fu'ffA l^ptct-eol An"Lr&',J /6rtu vd) lrt+uns,t7l , : It rs not clear whether a qnn ft ,4 +)"a'rq) is to be taken w ' ,,,., ,,L-"(l^a or r^ilfuVfu ,-t J-u+ ftyL >f fe*^''1o' (a k','p) 1*V ) when one takes El oa o,r*bl,q^tn4 FV r 4("1 91, Lna- i,1 pto s. Twc examp)es: 2- +U p*S a+C ^,*hd ihl{n^$ i nu 'p,\s 11vt rh *haX hrt'tuuwnu ' rJ4q11oloo1week6#2parto...
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