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o. Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 (1{01) Part Notes Week 7#1@ Midterm on Wednesday. Any questions? Assignme nt#4 d^, ioA +r,rWyicl Argument Analysis 1. Decide whether an argument is being offered. -if not, 3. 4. -if so, ado on 4 stry 2 2. k, *wurfu the argument. F tV'- +tntna the argument. htwLuu<p the argument. we are here! lf the argument is not well-formed, make sure you have reconstructed it lf there is no reasonable way to make it well-formed, you may ndep+- it. lf the argument is well-formed, tum your attention
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Unformatted text preview: to i lf you don't agree with the conclusion, why not simply criticize it directly? lf the conclusion is not reasonable for you to accept, you should se! oJb^t (Chapter 7, l, A) t- ,l-, b [il;aa % iSE '+w# N h -rc%m?/U'!-l-y-ri a ftn-bre&tlUL otn'ry4 4 lizhe,"a !oI* t-" bel,twa Example: f . ry Trr'Ic is ^ >- \rr'lc is 6 3 Oruc- isu lf the argument is coOeftp -(i) u,,e -f. i J.Y( -bruth| ryl. (ii) + a,f,u-,',tut . o(,1 t'{ f 1'l01oolweekT#lpart @...
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