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Examples: I l4at g'-futvs Frt. J;<'t'ruel'-y fu"yt I la!* pofas,rs oL n* /r*z r"r/ ,/o-',a Z W M, is a- f*(vts"r z-. h Mc t, ^ ?lrrn a DrML is u {iro-brutl,,.l *l^ 3 Dr */c ilon+ *t A^*t fr!^ lf you agree with the conclusion, does it follow that the argument is strong for you? V - t4'+ cm h- f&i r'i"LrrLaUS ry*uontz f* *e C*,r,/rs/,"ns. Example: I,ry Dr Mo,is te4e.r +i'tu\ f jat, -b,[a,n sL,z hn sfz,w3 Ar'01/r. -f, 2 lf > f.4L lrrr, sfr,ry h'4d2,,1 * ls , sfo ,s _e4"r- €t%4 A *<f 3 ,J D" Mc \ -+/-Lb/ +,A'*t s ft-d ,ft?tn ,\ <r44 Agreeing with the conclusion it r^ ," .* t,- *iuk */" . ,, n -tZool -f*l' (Chapter 7. I,
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Unformatted text preview: B) J t ls it acceptable to criticize an argument simply by saying there's something wrong with the premises?-a reasonable person would want to know ^Itrh y 'ra.' t!^ tyett a^ol 4-(Chapter 7, l, C) Not all objections to premises are f-al'a srlbS+pnt$0,^ vs ins*s+-UA (Chapter 7, I, D)- 5"hs+gqt+,io"L criticisms nuA -+" be n olclrrUseol- )n<ttt-s*p*ViA ones include: (i) (ii) (iii) stating that "maybe that's lalEt- " pointing out thai tne premGet are not supported by Can I accept two arguments the conclusions of which are in conflict? Wtu|h{ V , ftf fAt rafralll J '1 1 01 001 weekT#1 parl O...
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