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B. Generalizations Universal generalizations: No A a,,rt- B. A f -v^44're*a'n4A o would show the claim false. lf even one A is not a B, then the claim is frlse' . Example: 44 N** pn, htt$d ) a*, ^ Lovrrtlr;xtu(J, Sometimes, we cannot produce the hmtltreXoq(U but we have good reason to think there is one. I Example: fitl d*vrid unyineus rru- brunetat Non-u n iversal generalizations - MoSt
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Unformatted text preview: A t^"/'e 6- 9/^l A N{L b Single or even several-counterexam ptes" lyil) pol t.rvk We will be looking ^1 sW'is+i crJ arlnvvtptV l,usy '1I;,, Some of us need to brush-up on conditionals: p onty if e= jI p , +htn tl pif e= \t-l ,nlmf Untess p, e= U NP , 4an g_. P if and onlY if Q= r i{l,r ,r,lu g lJ L+wf Pfl.JA & ,J P +)'!'^Q $ti:,.,. '1 1 0 1 001 week7#1 part O...
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