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1. P is necessary for Q. 12. Q is necessary for P. )3. P is sufficient for Q. 4. Q is sufficient for P. lf P, then Q= ? We have been understanding'lf P, then Q'as stating that ?: (-qr*tYsnVr |rftmFogAlet 1. lf -P, then -Q -Z lf -Q, then -P 3. lf Q, then P 4. lf Q, then -P The correct answer exemplifie s a "aL"l ladUn ilvusseo'{ in ds/o'ur I Sometimes, we do not intend conditionals to be taken this way: lf it is Monday morning this term at 9.30, then Dr Mc is at 001. ln this case, the antecedent provides Xr
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Unformatted text preview: t flro,rqo| for thinking the consequenttrue, but is not#-We might better reconstruct this as saying: o0l think it is a good idea to change / tv 'f/'arw(( Our valid can be very usefulfor some arguments containing However, if a conditional is more reasonable to accept if it is re-worded as a Unlike the book, I do not logic le4 -t'r - waitt'rtA4 g0 ^ ''eUan , do so ' (% ) Make ,l a Vftr,l|zgil,generalisation if this will help to make 'tt M'I/- Io/nQr^ t 1 1 010olweek8#1pa:t @...
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