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IMG_0003_NEW_0001 - Sometimf[e truth va]ue of a sentence...

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You may make 11, Ati,tpr-l 0err'(*h'str:nlif it is fW"m ^tp,f and this would help to make the argum.nl wp/(-{.^rne ,A (probably) -keep in mind the principles of c W+ t r J r '+hf',A ne+, zAt . -_)t/ Understanding the meanings of sentences We've talked about AnhiWa+4 V t-t Examples, [email protected] At"J |WYl fu-fr/h ,M-rid Aildrt"i da*, -(@h6 balttrr^.t<--Obt ry attoh ;h(!-ns/g (td ^4 4hc.rh w1 t/L gee ca4.-. Some more problems of meaning: Some concepts are vaqu,Q- v The Sorites Paradox
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimf)[e truth va]ue of a sentence containing a ryLterm is Compare: _*4fwn FWW is bald. Wrth rl aAvLU terms, there are bord,UinU cases. d c2?e ofrrd t6e) Some think that this causes a problem tor OTU , in that there should be We will not pursue this (we'll stick with O-tV l, but we should be prepared to Peor MwWidqLis batd. PetA*, qlra,Fe.is batd. However, there are also ctoq ( nvr -brdd.it*) 11010o1wk8#1part @...
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