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lUrong or Misleading words )bviously, the meanings of all the words in an argument are important. A/atch for attempts to have Words Everybody should be treated equally, therefore it's discrimination that I can't get r driver's licence." -said by >il>t o'Ao^ft, : ffi q,ilts (ep,> h otd q, ,-tli,r:/ *p/n aa atA^d -e" /,rt?t / oa,]4 shll1e o/"fu/1 )ther reconstructions are lustifications dild o[futit,i 4p nt;oyt rvl eln),o.cZPs a.&re WH-al,tw -+p d,iue +. Exnhlt slr.ld Ue atld'(4 aan !. Yn o l^on our practice is a bit different from the book's
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Unformatted text preview: W" bwtua t|t"Z >l * 3L" M '8C,, l Mhat does it mean to say that everybody "ought to be teated equalf? t's very hard to say, but 6. lskl't bn A + d'*e Mhy not?: ry Mhat is meant by "discrimination"? t isn't just f so, it would be discrimination to -f+rot your children r--iome terJns have a lot of rhetorical force, but aren't always being used ?"?ry ncomplete premises io/rs )omplete with that will make the argument to believe of the ootions. rnrl is 4o hM Nng o'b/-...
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