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Jones is smart. \Mrat's the Options: D2. lmplicitly fil*+rrVa sentences qrn "bs W'ry,-'|/o a trlr,u,6*t { r"lun/( hhh W) 4'z We cannot try to ascertain the truth value without Pr,*rV* t".""/,,A4
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Unformatted text preview: 6rr,,f,r-,\"4 C{q, some sentences are p@-relative, but owiL -tAz r--,Fatison cfus !" Examples: Bft^ol is hfu'r. lulwu. col*iq ls tutt-e.r. X Y z Ad,rrlt4 7 1 1010O1wek8#1p{r O...
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