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Ewluating testimonial arguments. .. Any testimonial argument following any of the standard patterns is cogent, so evaluation willfocus on *4,o- +rwdt -l .Ob faro,rniSoz ^nO ,/**lun tt* ' except ror $l &"A,th6 must be done on --\--' O * nr,, IU cOry ls the argument /,{-"fuI^1""1 ? Do you have information that would call You might, if or if flAA)n"rilal When are two arguments _ A.f+;A Z - &a/1^ 4loir anr{r*st-ls ffi o6n+td, J Our book describes " in terms of the conclusions being r^,rtrao/ziWnrie< -, but the term also applies when they
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Unformatted text preview: are rttr*ribS 2. Premises and Testimonv often, appeals to testimony are implicit in rwt-wqprttia/ ^vntur?0s .-Consider this argument as given by me: 1 Port Moody is at the base of Eagle Mountain. 2- Most places near the base of a mountain are good places to live if one likes hiking. 3. Port Moody is a good place to live if one likes hiking. Do you think this is a good argument? ( *'FrJ) Often, we are not in the each of which seems truth values of premises. to 1 101001reek8#2part @...
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