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i: t1: ) l I Do vou know anvthinq about mrt iru l '' AotV' tA^ e^,no l.r*"'l "+ 'tloe H'd1) lf not, should you reject this argument? h-u/"rt^o,An t Vv1 s}.r,+ld rfrL % Ua You are implicitly * In * ry . .ry as.Oror1nds-for believing #1. 1. fu t"\c sat4s 4,!L Ptt is ht 44 l'*ry + 2. iI,L i9 sintp're in W;* @ tY . 3. slL b tu,nltdy+tt ;h"L iL. a'nn 5. 7a ir r+ 4e bae I E^4 Am I 9^nU'rL ? A* 1 bWlplqoo'UJ- about the subject matter? J Do you know anything that would nleh^L this argument? --T_-- ln the case of testimonial evidence, it matters Suppose you read the following in the paper tomonow: Would it make a difference to you whether you read this in the
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Unformatted text preview: " Alrbt *rrrl t''ldl " or in " -ila \[email protected] %hirLtr "? ( z ?wpfl4r ) lf the premises of a testimonial argument are not reasonable for you to believe, does it follow that you should believe the conclusion is false? Consider: a U*tu'La/ +n'Al 11 (i h* .et+sv,a,loto + -t*t 'd& d4e'a&*eK ttrcl -fu hV/raor lanocerrcz, ht n oltuedt W +I\e{- t/t& is X;luJ' Furthermore, this is a/U?- for all evaluations-finding the premises unreasonable to accept dpm+ ua-, 4^< *L slJr/ -4/*rrL 4t r'strh,*'V.r. B '{a,he hxz' lhanto+'rv. Itsiust that the argument /" *( , n vl iL 110'l0O1wek8#2part @...
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