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o Some terminology: Uimple, oreample populatio n, 4't gr"lt rcW$ d,* t or ,r,u+,,qaol target, orbrget popula$o rsampleis: tt{ xudt,U lA W l"rt*i^] +Aat fu! t"l".Uw 4t 5r,^dut6 ru%rrd h 4/f; o{.u: arywond in our example, the sample is: and the target is: ,rncaaured proporty t +to, v);oh ts in ta*t mWund i^ +ht fwwv target prcperty: the one that the measured property is supposed to irdt69 ;>dJ.t_ ln our example, the measured property is: .t*% +p
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Unformatted text preview: be * JA* Y The tarset property is: bUy , {,r9. y The Standard Pattern for Survev Arquments (Preliminarv Version !): Description of Sample: background information about the way the survey was conducted' 1. Result of sample: X7" t 4.4 thtfab yryulo'taVn t'u 4'v rentl4ilao( f*W 2. Conclusion about samPle: X/,"j +k W guLaadr 3. Final Conclusion: et^L4qgoc fW"A yl * -,;L! Wt Pyulaa:u +t* +tg,t W htut 1 101001week9#1pari @...
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