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Dr Mc's PhilosoPhY 001 (1101) Part Notes 9#2 @ Background information i. n6sutt of SamPle T Fi)'u" t iinrr'cbntlusion (3'4) a survey argument' You can, in effect' run lf vou have reason to doubt at\* )t"n' you shoulo cnoose'ioii" "-"-*pttne results' il:J"" fu* *"scriptionsneednotbe W 'ort'v'tv'voJlAt- +" wwr' Theycould,however'causeproblems to' o''' ^''E & @ rry'pentSU 'Evalua$ngthe . 0a' -U prunise
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Unformatted text preview: ---sP tlo +nAOt' WI ts the measured property n on"^r,*t i'"/^^w 1 & u{- ! v ffi theY are exactlY the same' -^w {" $ theY are not, Y nutl +e 4^'k ' Possible Problems: t. "ohne'st, 'tw! &1g1^u5 * is there any reason to think that people surveyed are . is the questi on g,'nbartwringl z a'/6/e/h .dotherespondentsthinkthequestionerqlfauzr+lottYJ llOlOOlweekg#2Part @...
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