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o do the respondents think that giving a certain answer wourd e @nrt 4ow itnrp,*,t z 2 4q'r\*4"/ euestions lvhbil -arb the questions worded so that h/, n//t)w+o A.a,?) a.- , h,v(- hb/u e'.i-,ipr",- :'#i;" y;ffE , ,: Some questions are impossible to ?DSWer wirh a t, "r. Not all survey arguments use However, sometimes tests failto ;some ,"" plvsia,( +e*,1 WW*r to support
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Unformatted text preview: a Evaluating the Representativenesc ftmnre ls the sample population ,rvcgLlre What the WE ls the sampte W, *fL , and Sample ShL ^"d Y^T,[?Jffi" ,themorerikeryitis l'e''the Lmf -iltc ito gi*,thesmauerthe % "820/0 v4"' of students in this crass are in first year.,, should be is determined by fuilStiw(rnethods_ lr\ _"P &rrcr those here....
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