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The point is that the results are C+Pro/iw'V So, tiie last premise and our conffi if xo/o of the sampJe population has the target property, then WmnnaU/wl xo/o ol the target population has the target propdrty. - -, hWroxiv*Ittt\ xo/o of the target population has the target - 4. 5. property. \Mren might it be unreasonable to believe ,n" , 't o/ vU9tm af +/tL Prnresortta{t' vhn(4t fvfrrt riffi rvlnrurprOsgntoWa samples ls there something liwt, <t r about the sample such that relevant facts about it Y tn'rt bo rl,t#enge from facts about the target population? Note: it is not enough to establish that there
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Unformatted text preview: Wql,U P A?rur',rt tlr{eA/"Ca O selected from the target fOn, 'j t anymemberof thetarget nas +k pne c-lnu-t- * kr! s)ALrcl a+ *J"* ln an attem ptto g f , Yfv*ntAl'fuUe4< , often a sample is This is much more '4^t4^ Would a t'gtrl^fn 4l!%rin-service Canadian phone numbers get a W/aA tuNflL of Canadians? ?urfu'tr p* +'wy "f co'l'L: ,- [Hty,tw tWCl ?- Pwpb vr4"(Aq",e ahu ? Even 8o i^elH , *f\&es not suarantee fufryv<er/rM'lw%, An alternative?: ensure that the sample contains 1/'t so"rre- Anfwlim> el ro/evave S,,hnvyts as the target. u t frc,rrblzf . ) 'l 101001week9#2part @...
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