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Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 Second midterm: s)v8/v5 len,""rE te$ W4 -t.t i sPc+,,tqnS , -7/ P Correlations: Correlation statements are more (1101) Part Notes 10#1 @ Iry er "{^." */ -t W,.eh, %al "f -Qx*io,r l_V in ,\- I ,tr'i/A4 4n4 *lttc -tAL esh , +wiglt - ?rafu {u ",ui,y ,lutn +o fl}k-e uo.L;ol *n^ -stee{ \tl'or#rw lt 'i aaprVtviA tr o- cq,.crtJ,b, The standard form of a correlation statement is: n is o**tnutl ,r"il,l^ B in Yo4mt*l P . ln a correfation, there is one large population that is divided into rt,,tc St'L-Wb*qS ry4 on the oasis rf Awy * /rq,b# a cLsetort:+t. Population P is divided into
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Unformatted text preview: what percentag e of -rt Q9 vt+rhM' 4 lNa Pvq/rh4 B Then we will compa -'- "8" is tne flefir+uJ aL i>9,te- ?" is tne Wfag +tv't /t*t'/u ? infn -taas sd-n^'thta' Example: ,>,4+k fuqnf t q,tda^.4 fu %,,s gnmr+l4 -+/1 %',{"Ko;{#ffi"4 T?'t*' 44't is a4''vaa4 We investi$ate co one of the sub-gr oup O*Xh A , and one of the subgroup ,^'zA %r# t Two.resurts: ^n,-a/ ,w.rart v'--t- '- 't ry-Qffi.-We want to know what percentag e ot +le"- ,^'lU n lwa' fro4*! *na to indicate B in the sample, and upposed to indicate B in the sample. 11010OlWek10#1part @...
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