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,rrltbt we can see that there is and having voted NDP in the provinciai election, among BC voters d.ff te oonelation clairn does not specify whether the sonelation is * -ii* , you should read lt as Ptitl\,t-' 4rl.!A '+,1'!' ,,* urtw @re 4'tn r*"glstudents who attend class regularly get relation between Example: fu|v +oY ef Sf/dhu u"to aflavl q"4b e/: uazt ' \ut ot! tol 'f #te ,* ',ui Maol ,ry"ry A, u4/4 o More A are B than -A aP B? ' U;. - -1" siw =fT*'v'tu'*1;v \Mrat if Of the leo , sa[ h do well' Of the 4o , say Edo well' Noneth6s, atteilding class regularly is Its ?t'rtt%os that matter,
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Unformatted text preview: not a'la'"lraW fwuln^'S ' ' H, f fft*l of those who attended class regularly did well' 3r7/. I l*/z<]of those who didn't attend class regularly did well' +r* is correed with B, does it foilow that B is conerated with A?rt i r, f 7 eiu;k;figures, aftending crass regurarry is corre_lated with doing well' tr ooing weilcorrelated wit$enilng class regularly-/ d^ u.a.(,. suppose there is a positive correlation between A and B in population p' What follows? oMost A are B [in P]? rtu. Allthat's required is that (;t"P) good at/ ye tGflo^n4,r ,od fY"'wV...
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