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How manY PeoPle did welt? .'7o How many of tnem aienJeo class regularly? g 7o iffi;;;i PeoPte did not do well? ,ffi^ayzy. i-ffi ;;;i bt tn"m attended class n i7c oeoPle did well' f- dlnl-ti "tt"nded class regularly' 4 ft*tl; $i1|! !! l', ll; res u r a rry _V_ ,/.(fr,u&ofthosewhodidwellarethosewhoattendedclassrcxfu") lt)u t.l'il r '4* ) of those who didn,t do well are those who attended class. j4 lf A is correlated with B [in P]' then B is correlated with A lin P]' '#liir"g, i.zaz, 64r*onv Adn tt't wn'e'lt 7oc '@ fylo./l ... .'14? , -..^ ltc and liking the mo ' lsthereaposltlvecorrelJtionb-etweenbeingawomanandlikingthemovte
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Unformatted text preview: 1]1n;il pJopre in the samPle)? What simple statistical claims are relevant? v" ot trvqnerrl +M \^ktJ &0a vnie Uhl <J-! raliv I oh ol 1r/ ( +'^" ) Tx*. lsthereapositivecorrelationbetweenlikingthemovieandbeingawoman(in the samPle)? What simple statistical claims are relevant? "t" ot f'oyAo 4A fLoA -+to rn'tia o*l u*n v^rn% v" ot ww +|N &,dN [i|,t +l,L wwtu qvl w?,/,0 l,-o",(,4 T, q,' \c v/u?/-w/no^- tf ', 4': ot <)* 4" tnLtl;w +*pnt 0-u- Iv-^'n fthere is an error in the old book: ) [email protected]#1Part @...
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  • Fall '10
  • JillianMcDonald
  • Statistical hypothesis testing, Inventive step and non-obviousness, simple statistical claims, many, tnem, Uhl

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