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For example: 1. |*e tt^il^$t- cml,tal \u'f^ -a 1w,L. 2-1t\e- rur;fu rfintr ca'*rzol tlot,r"9 3'*",ttti3 ,AW ca6,tse4 inctudd awbic @g Sorne statements express causal statements without using the word "cause" in any form. These are ;avphr;.ilvt causal statements. _, For example: 4. lla .a,"g eF rtarjiua,/\0t I?"d5 -e" d'0 w "J ott^A\L. s. I Mdd" drorlft 6. gft t "btt r *rt + f^,til. ln reconstructing causal arguments, causalstatements should be }+" 014 r rPLiri t (first attempts) ;;.'.?h ,,rn 4 rtranijno"ro. co/tLY't fu * 7 lt cfrdyvL. 5a. 6a. I cp,,,wpd *k st-t^p
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Unformatted text preview: { {b 9\hq. lUti^d*hrgwn y\4 T "\l* (q. nd antWS aw4 dl!+-h My 4or"+ 4 bq-t/t"t ) *4onl *ai $r )iaqvilc,r and 6ofiI I Causal Statements-T-("r N'qrTAt "f I Recall the distinction betwee " +k^ rc mt HOt Example: jv\ W c4th vl; @tkd U tk {sl,a'ye, fl,t t& pA, &one r,nrL causal statements involve types of thing:-Jgzi-are W-causatstatements involve 1l u , ).p, , P4,toulo t Example: hnv ^ f* @,t11P4 61'n orulw . A hint: if it makes sense to ask "when did this happen?", you are dealing with a causal statement. 1101001week1#2part @...
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