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I he portion ot ffi:,::T::useisca,,ed Two nraar,*d'' -'r'vrr rrv. so exposed is called J;.jl,*3!TmH,:f ilJii Ask-how were -_g(t ,.r)r!. ?lswer to #1 rs-yes, is there fn other words, lf so, then the obst rrved correlation The use of P:,T:lr:s, scientists rhis can o"'[i]-"';.;t:::iot assisn peopb Scientists don,t decide ,?;ff':,eJ.T,:,#€se: ffi t rL _c_ r correlation in humans
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Unformatted text preview: between W" f'rtrwil,so" ,r*x I-r +uffig_ :::. "mm" re"xorc(-q-sroup rc op;6ffi I vvtvlt4iuL or for , fu,t a hw4 ^raUol fu,y +hu ,_-;,rnro[*,2- edlV afu et lwt Dtrto t __ .(4,v o/t& h auU4 t'rf +ulWu Then, the experirn, ental group is chosen by -- *rr _ ^^:^' , .- --.'V /qs Z l^:^ what courd ro*a v -' "' "v'rcrnSl r to make the study a befter one?...
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