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Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 (1101) Part Notes 12#2@ roday: W 4 54(7{iL xnd'iw ) u"t'Ls'( ftlMe,, D(/w N"* NextMonday: F*t 4 lilal ) % ort "^'"al flt*'t' Next WednesdaY: & WtL Reports of Scientific Studies Very often, crucial information is missing' Exampre: yW 4% qg'/, 4 rnirad fh* M brt*/ rt'tor!. lf this were cited in a report claiming that bread "using" €uses criminal behaviour, what's the fiist thing we would need to know? - 1lIJ, W tpP v,l'"c *vt rlt avotd
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Unformatted text preview: tdt Lt *nd arz Lead, ;::ti:'l;E::l"ml;;a* rt*^ sometimes, statisticalclaims are taken to be interesting when they are not' Example : W Hnp 9 a,ttl il"bL'u tufl* br'l*J"**y" ^ enob'rol;uo1 2&-Common Err:ors in Causal Reasoninq hL ,eol- C*ury- l"r'xh//: 5 Cxpt , Vtr, a. n*.u/ +/-9t. tfAcausese, ett%W +{N Iw A , WD l.e, tf A causes A, 4h!'A b,l,t As aA TsLin P) A counterexample would o" o^ A 4st is wt a B lAfl.a{ta rrrran^ rrrifh lhic.?...
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