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IMG_0003_NEW_0031 - not ldAacl"t-It depends on where...

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K+ttwJ Man tn ryrvsen+itE your opponent's argument to make it wpa,levr . Can be done Rush Limbaugh on the animal rights movement: they don't like him because he is "constantly challenging their fundamental premise that 0w[ir,a15 Atre t*Ur''* t l^ tr ,, T tt is not a case o1 SVrnqD t^o,y1tf +lo. fAatr ar.Untrrrrt, b ge ' U4 hdrl Appeatto bn o -l/sr.e is F g/vZhe +/k P i< fls,t . P b +nue fue't|n ovlolucz+4oL F k+a/4 1. z or 1. T Pkt'ake. Having n e '/, ,, at W#hould not lead usto rutIA ar rt(er* ulor) There are cases in which this
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Unformatted text preview: not ldAacl"t*-It depends on where tlre n 'n n-l pyovf lh ln a court of law, we ysr' e inntu to ln the case o[ claims that seem ar&coAMhl &o vwlikeht , tne b {4 isonthem. J V E.s., I was abdl^^otC tog a,0w lwt nl1ht. Often. an n{+lrm*+ivu ctaim hotds the b,"rrdrg^ "P PtS", " n(naT'/Q/ one. . _1-tt_ __________i_ _____J_- -lAryL \ a- Leh MWg rrt'ortct!.r '- -il,riL b W L""L yotg tt',6rLs&/r. But not always. ..- "/t/"4 i< fntdAyezrtn t ;/e o/oerr^/tt'* h -4l!- Ur"|rtose- -/rt4,L b rw !k^ Reminder:...
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