IMG_0003_NEW_0034 - consumer boycotts against the advertisers is what can and will likely occur A groundswell of resentment directed at the

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t. lJ rlt biilIuril4 wrt enlien,tc""tAl /rt,raa I A,t! J-kl pt be +l,uQ 11P) il, Wlnco,rl> w eilronn4"<il W .t Dl",t 6 L/+t ex nw*ry.rnffi oT # : st" d 4o (',F4, L hyel'o,t % ,ffi^rczffif"€"nu^;nk frzW q, )*ino.* w"/ %a+.ra Assessin g v"hexlta .,/ ,,^l 'fi I5 'rfr*t' Il {qa -ls it (or can it reasonably be made) ,tq/J *fnud. Z -Are its premises rtit*rt*llt f,[email protected] 7' -). 1, f. Part 5: reconstruct and evaluate "Plans by natives to erect billboards near bridges in Greater Vancouver is environmental pollution-not a good image for natives. What puzzles me is the claim that there is nothing we can do about it. There certainly is! The negative impact of
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Unformatted text preview: consumer boycotts against the advertisers is what can, and will likely, occur. A groundswell of resentment directed at the advertisers will send a clear message about our lack of desire to see this ugly pollution." Sue Watkins, VS, 221A7 106 This is harder than what will be on the Final. Ask yourself-what's the author's point? IqlL slUel br!ffi od,le'r}Xerl t^lr,o uX +l.te AUfuA4 Considerations? t lt h:lltbecrf4 &A h'< k +,tJ* c EF, t. > ) tf 40 biUbeds oM/ 6>f de'4/r4 t n(- ,slaol4 sa,-+a.y 6 P".r.4."* .*-rfi yvl "dild /- "+h +" f.u//tt +],!-,, t E/,7,V)-lf it is cogent, is it lGtT(InsrttFc...
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