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IMG_0003_NEW_0035 - (o,Ao.Jgr Part 7 Causal Reasoning...

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f[ ls th.is strong for you? Why or why not? lf you think it is weak rffi)swuq lf you think it is strong, Part 6: Correlations Given an example, can you be explicit about: - ,{tat*,eA o^d +ayr gvqwawt - '^,t^dAgr or r't +lr. NL*\ fw9 )s ruwAM +" uko''*), ! ^dn7) - hl|a,*!/ 6{ v4^t +knynsg^.*l,rqnt9) (I4r'"vA 6 ru'w'|fu 4n bal)'o'at
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Unformatted text preview: (o,Ao,( .Jgr.) Part 7: Causal Reasoning y"l cCI,ry Elo you understand cetn you re *$ilunt 0,^cX A/a[A^0"+9- them? This requires you to be able to <'{na*p frwl*)on r g %and to think about the case tor r"l'ty ,'* $vw. I 4 {v* a,lls;ltq" [o1l arll flil 4j wryA'M UV*\ tt+'t" +,"'J dd ildI ) nd 1097001week13#2part @...
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