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Dr Mc's Philosophy 00{ (1101) Part Notes, 13#[email protected] Announcements. Part 6: Correlations Given a report of a study, can you be explicit about: I _ mesMd 6^d e# Wo?4,t+^U rr*tU-, ? -whether or not +rl,t o,ur"raaa prm\* is reasonable to believe? (and J o -whether or not +k vuorup 't*;,nnW W,ves reasonable to believe? (and { Zl | \ lf crucial information is missing in the report, can you q,4 vJtV,/'" \e ,',.'1.
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Unformatted text preview: .rJ, ? ----!-Paft7. Causal Reasoning Do you understand some of the Do you understand arguments {* qo r , ' Wacan you reconstruct and evaluite them?ffi When would it be reasonable to think +' o ta,rty,,l,rS rwu<<J Z When would it be reasonable to think -hlW is an bnmm Latrt ? This requires you to be able to and to think about the case for ll01mlweekl3#2part @...
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