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When would it be reasonable to think +rl,j- rpm,U,+Am A(Liolur+il ? The correlation could be taken to be 'just one of those things, if the #W p.vnlrrnn*itvt ^ Mn ni rAtAHnt* ^)) n ar {!ra-^ r. mv( or there is reason to think How was 4o *,uU JnW Z Moral Reasoning Sonsider the following: Tzr+,.virT Pi-WaB ls W") J ' 4\bI w movio is
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Unformatted text preview: bat) )ne could be a a,,rYn\'tsL about both. lhat is, one could interpret such claims as referring to +M sryhprs TWl, ,w trvtt: ,"r*ilW Ione is an about morality, statements about d)^ nfTno#)v0 L dNft kha *rt*iry h,+tq Lor t &q lfu mt*y 1t!,,,, drg +-orfi.l,r'ol , 7 &tt Uhe rM ntviL, norality are m-rioO;uu...
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