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q M,t ob) ah* @,ohrd d*i (%)+ob\.cnw lf one"is a subjettivist #,'ffi l?H{WAs ree when yo u ;ay "4' and I say " * is w,l '-moral claims are not f,onrtt+ i u lmplicitly vs explicitly rvonnailua- ( YWr;?$tL) Which of the following are best understood (if one is not a subjectivist about morality) as normative? It should stop raining soon. We should take our troops out of Afghanistan. Capital punishment is immoral. Abortion is wrong. Most people think that capital punishment is immoral- Peanuts are
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Unformatted text preview: tastY. I am opposed to capital punishment-,1r1o1rtw?ttW) piSilripiivSdaims are dzcbnt'r:w so are covered by oTv A. /D u v E. F. G. my;,, Some think that reasoning about moral issues is iwposgiLs ; the method of argument analy sis dw n* Yfil,fl io moral 'arguments.' 41. Moral disputes are tmrusolva,lAt--some arguments about ,ln-nooJ tta/|le are equally hard to resolve.-we otw- anir,v,<,o the extent of unresolved moral disputes-we always focus on e*'rono*okO...
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