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IMG_0003_NEW_0039 - morar reasoning but it is notable oi...

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"lt is common for completing the claim allows tl to bv nbjp t, to 7fl/ ; similarly for moral claims- A3 Morality is a Matter of ]o<')a/ fta*" a lf we thought this, we could not o Covers : E.g., * slaw4 is iYaYP'yal"' ww'ld naol & aaal hau '@'lo4 Ie tna /'oa- m{ r'^l ba dat;u;uel lo a sdo?. M fltt h t s*,/, +Ja- 6W We do not cons ult qir"tw fWS when considering what is morallY Permissible more to be said about
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Unformatted text preview: morar reasoning, but it is notable oi J"ti"" a frnaur'P;w nnfos;n {m 4 We cannot go from an " i4 l' to an. " ,o,tl!! "' We need to consider ";:frt'"'W;pi;'," " .fri' is-itop r a"'"+t"r dn" t Suffice it to say that ther e cr h orgwp"r+'< -ftr The interesting premise will almost always be the one concernlng a t"lt a.'l rTrr4ar-Exam details: There is a lot U l lOlmru,eeh3tAttO...
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