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re # # + ig in-tar6f h.U rae. ;'1 .l" two propositions are both, at the same time, not true, those propositions are in conflict. Section 2: Multiple Choice Specific lnstructions: Choose the one option that besf ffs the question and enter its corresponding capital letter in the appropriate spot on your answer sheet. (each conect answer is worth one mark) "t ',*oH#"lnflatton slows, then interest rates wiil rise' ano ftrlt'tne economy will recovep on#fl;tpllation does not slow' then, ignoring minor th"ng"s in tense or mood, it follows validly that: /J -uLa ebnA wtll rva'ur;ff (4ylf interest rates do not rise, then the economy will not recover. Bl The economy will recover. €llnterest rates will rise only if the economy recovers. D) Unless the economy recovers, inflation will slow E) lnflation will slow and interest rates will not rise. F) Unless inflation does not slow, interest rates will rise. G) none of the above is a correct response 13. Consider the following two claims: (a) Most students officially registered in this class are
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Unformatted text preview: more than two metres tall. (b) Most students officially registered in this class are less than two metres tall. These two claims are: A. contradictories. q@ contraries C. not in conflict 14. Which of the following, when substituted for the underlined blank space, renders the following sentence one that expresses a true proposition? "Argument X's being ill-formed is for X's being unsound". AI a necessary but not a sufficient condition (eD, sufficient but not a necessary condition 11 Uotn a necessary and a sufficient condition D) neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition 15.'The average Canadia.n.owqs more money tg greditors than does the average Swede.' it,tfr4- i- )f C4 ^ UW') Th@eding is bdst chdracterized as: A) semantically ambiguous 6il syntactically ambiguous contradictory ontaining a grouping ambiguity ;l-loraul -> v,nsw'.rtc,l. uc* unambiguous 1 10100'flvT2 @...
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