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t+t Gn r;il dfi @t iaa +f1 16. Consider the following two claims: \ (a/Every student who is on the Dean's Lisf has a cumulative grade point ovbrage of at least 3.5. ,/ (b) Alicia has a cumulative grade point average of 3.9, but she's not on the Dean's list. TheseJwo claims are: (!) contradictories. B. contraries C. not in conflict Section 3: Multiple Ghoice with a Twist Specific lnstructions: For each of the questions in this section, list ALL AND ONLY those responses which are correct. (There will be at least one correct answer, but there may be more than one.) Each question is worth two marks if answered completely correctly; one mark off for each missing correct answer and each wrong answer given, down to zero. Please use your answer sheet. 17. Consider the g argument: )+-, g:i /ti /+*. t*. t ft /t, 1. No tvT 2. 3. List all of the foltowing that accurately describe this argument: L#( valid
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Unformatted text preview: class 6) invalid and weak for most of the students in this class 'C invalid ?k##qn1for most of the students in this class fu-hotdegdeOTor any of the students in this class E. sound r.rUus( I \ Uf . well-forlned G. None of the above is a correcl response. aO x has a true conclusion. 4t;;; il;; ilil;;i' i,,'l^c+;tt\ 5"wd 1 $"cfl 6a b Att c wsB X is an argument,that is strong for Singh. Some of the premises of X are false. X is an argument that is strong for Lee (a different arbitrary person). X is valid. None of the above is a correct response. h-#,+''J"L'"|' {. 2 ?' 18. List all of the following that are not in conflict with Argument X (arbitrary argument) being defe3led for Singh (arbitrary person). are men. r (the Prime Minister of Canada) is not a Canadian. *ti t tL4, \A J t\ht M.A .1t01|@r[[email protected]
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