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*re lrrt t Lter c-vt rwt ,*4 %*f- , Al tr a,e-F section 4: supplying lmplicit claims >' '9we c ^"4ft8v Specific I nstructions: 1 M ^''4 c 6,.L A -) khtt Ccu 4 Supply one claim to make each of the following passages valid and state whether you supplied a premise or a conclusion. lf the passage could reasonably be construed as a categorical syllogism, supply a categorical claim in standard form. You do not need to assign variables or write out the argument pattern. Each question is out of
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Unformatted text preview: 2; parL marks are possible. 4a) Since "nyQ"t resulting-t u roJtf human riQis a @rally*r#g aclnot every c,b %.,,il$F'"ss or human lire. '. L-'t' ,l wer b a. ALt #i'x'rt*i@-f"tr 4b) We have a cnoice( We bnouiO go further into debt to finish our houselr (rue should further into debt to go dn an extended vacatiop Clearly, we should go fufthei into debt t fruru52 1 to finish our house. ertordd vatah:ert A B rng aclnot 1101001UT2 C...
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