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'.'i ff +f JF ':'l;-: 5 5a) What is the measured proggtty,Fnd what is the target property? (out of 1.5 marks) Itca,wa/ ?npalq ='.r ffiatfq )r^Lb, {,c rvant( ,-n ^ r,w;4te,t) 4uutienrt6,;r{. Section 5: Survey Arguments Specific lnstructions: Read the following passage, then answer the questions below. Do Qanadiaruniversitv sfudenlsjike to read? To answer this question, investigators chose,pt random, a sample of upper-division,s . Those_students were asked,tn a written questionnaire, to say whether or not they like to reqg| The results were 82% in favour 182% said they like to readl. The researchers concluded that
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Unformatted text preview: approximately 82% of Canadian university students like to read. 5b) What is the sample population and itrthe target population? (out of 1.S marks) 'laciv : *o/riisi'a,sCuoln+d at 5c) What is the Representativeness Premise (in a Survey Argument in standard form) and would it be reasonable to accept in this case? Why or why not? (out of 3 marks) ln +k;s A// ,*,4' 'v;8'w ob hd-?-- ru/o(. a SFU 4/,/d!"{4 &d!",9 P Ga lr,* r'Ezrud al,/ Araohan wiqsieq g,de* "L/@f gr*'ol'* ul2f i(/e-t,a'q ,ry 4. ,*t JU'A. -* rtJ Lxq\\on!\ ,y4rya-;visivt grob"'t/-"firillflm,4G...
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