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093010mma-commands - Plot3D[Exp-x^2-y^2{x-1,1{y-1-1 plot...

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Getting Started Mathematica Commands f[x_]:=some function of x define a function f(x) f[x_,y_,z_]:= some function of x,y,z define a function f(x,y,z) D[f,x] derivative of f wrt x D[f,{x,n}] n-th derivative of f wrt x Integrate[f,x] indefinite integral of f wrt x Integrate[f,{x,a,b}] definite integral of f wrt x from a to b Table[g[i], {i,1,10}] make list of g(i) for i running (1...10) with step 1 Table[g[i], {i,1,10,2}] make list of g(i) for i running (1...10) with step 2 Table[{f[i],g[i]}, {i,1,10}] make a list of ordered pairs {f(i),g(i)} for i running (1...10) with step 1 Simplify[] algebraically rearrange (try to simplify) a complex expression Expand[] multiply out or expand an expression Inverse[] inverse of a matrix Det[] determinant of a matrix Plot[f,{x,a,b}] plot f on the interval [a,b] Plot[f,{x,a,b},PlotRange->{{xmin,xmax},{ymin,ymax}}] plot f on the interval [a,b] with axes going from xmin->xmax and ymin->ymax
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Unformatted text preview: Plot3D[Exp[-x^2-y^2],{x,-1,1},{y,-1,-1}] plot exp(-x 2-y 2 ) in 3D for the range x=(-1,1) and y=(-1,1) ListPlot[{{x1,y1},{x2,y2},{x3,y3}}] plot a list of ordered pairs (xn,yn) Solve[x^2+1==3,x] solve x 2 +1=3 for x algebraically Solve[{f[x,y]==A,g[x,y]==B},{x,y}] solve simultaneous equations for x and y FindRoot[x^2+1==3,{x,1}] numerically find a root of x 2 +1=3 starting at x=1 other stuff : //N give a numerical value for the expression {a,b,c} 3 element list (or vector) {{x1,x2},{x3,x4}} list of ordered pairs (or a 2x2 matrix) % most recent output expression %n n-th output expression in the history stack := defined to be (used for defining functions) == is congruent to (used in Solve, DSolve commands) -> replacement rule A.b dot product of a matrix A with a vector b (* comments are put inside a set of asterisks and parentheses like this *)...
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