100610notes-week-one - !"#$% ’"( )*+ ,- .$$/...

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Unformatted text preview: !"#$% ’"( )*+ ,- .$$/ "0$ 1!234 1# Any answer to an engineering question must have a value and a set of units. 2# :nits must be consistent for addition and subtraction 3# S? system is easier to manipulate due to multiples of 10, but American Cngineering is more familiar and intuitive Dasic Eimensions S? cgs AC Mass kg g lb m Length m cm ft Time sec sec sec Amount g-mol g-mol lb-mol Temperature K K ¡ Transcendental functions and their arguments must be dimensionless¢ for ln x, both x and ln x must be dimensionless, Oust like exp x, sin x, cos x, 10 x , etc. 105# )"06$(%5"0%7 Treat unit conversions as forms of multiplying by 1 1 2 • 3 3 = 3 6 10.0 lb m • kg 2.54 lb m = 3.94 kg the things in P Q are Oust different forms of 1R 8"(9$ :0; <$5=*#7 The problem is Oust in the definition of the word used for force in AC is the same as the word used for mass....
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100610notes-week-one - !"#$% ’"( )*+ ,- .$$/...

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