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!"#$% ’"( )*+ ,- .$$/ #." 01%% 123 4"567$ 123 3$2%8#9 The density of a substance is the mass divided by the volume. 5onversely, the mass of a substance is the volume times the density8 ρ = Mass Volume , Mass = Density Volume m = V :;$<8’8< =(1>8#9 9 SG = water The specific gravity is a dimensionless ratio of the density of a substance relative to water density. =ater density is 1.0 g/cm 3 0"5$ "( 71%% ’(1<#8"2 Mass fraction is the dimensionless ratio of mass of component i, m i , to the mass of the solution, M8 x i = m i m j j = 1 N = m i M . Mole fraction is the dimensionless ratio of the moles of component C to the total
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Unformatted text preview: moles in solution8 y i = moles i moles j j = 1 N ?93("%#1#8< @($%%6($ Absolute pressure, E abs , at the bottom of a bucket of height h filled with fluid of density in an atmosphere of pressure E atm P abs = P atm + gh Gauge pressure is absolute pressure without the extra pressure due to the atmosphere. P g = gh A$7;$(1#6($ )"2>$(%8"2 Iahrenheit and 5elsius8 Are defined relative to the boiling and freezing point of water8 T KIL 9 1. TK5L 9 32 Oankine and Pelvin are defined relative to the absolute zero temperature TKOL 9 1. TKPL...
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