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Department of Chemical Engineering ChE 110A University of California, Santa Barbara Winter 2011 Problem Set No. 1 Due: Friday, January 7, 2011 (by 5pm) Objective : To establish the broad scope and practical relevance of thermodynamics in the world around us. To develop practice in professional correspondence. Thermodynamics is the foundation upon which many concepts and techniques of chemical engineering are built, and its fundamental principles are present and visible throughout the world around us. Using your knowledge from previous courses, such as CHE 10, and the definition of thermodynamics, identify an example (e.g., product or process) from everyday life, current events, or society that exemplifies thermodynamic concepts or ideas. Create a brief email memo to me in which you describe your example, explain how it embodies thermodynamics, and suggest possibilities for thermodynamic analysis. Your email need not exceed one or two paragraphs. Be creative in your selection and try to pick an example that is
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