Assignment 3 ChE 119_F09

Assignment 3 ChE 119_F09 - Department of Chemical...

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1 Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 119 Fall 2009 Assignment 3 Energy and energy technology are important contemporary issues and will continue to be so for a considerable period of time. Because of our broad background in chemistry and biochemistry, in addition to mathematics and physics, chemical engineers will continue to play key roles in the development, design, and implementation of new energy technologies. The success of these technologies is critically dependent upon scale-up of production processes. For Assignment 3, two types of articles will be considered, as described below. Recall that your presentation should be approximately 12 minutes long , excluding questions at the end. Groups 1-4 and 9-12 These groups will prepare a presentation based on a recent advance in an energy technology. Articles are given as references for each topic, although groups are encouraged to explore related articles mentioned in references, or other sources of information on the topic. In particular, a good resource for additional graphics and explanations are the individual research websites of the authors involved. Articles can be downloaded from the journal websites using any computer with a campus IP address (to activate UCSB’s institutional subscriptions). Your challenge in this assignment will be to formulate a coherent and interesting story pertaining
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Assignment 3 ChE 119_F09 - Department of Chemical...

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