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101211 120a-hw2-f011

101211 120a-hw2-f011 - C~ E 2.11 60 Chapter 2 2.11 A ir is...

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C~ E 2.11 , , - 2.11 Air is bubbled at a very slow rate through 60 Chapter 2 Statics, Dynamics, and Surface Tension an upward-pointing capillary submerged in wa- ter, as shown in Fig. P2.ll. A pressure measuring device gives a periodic signal as shown. Each period of the pressure signal corresponds to the growth and liftoff of ~ single bubble. a. What is the magnitude of the pressure P miD (N/m2)? b. What is the magnitude of the pressure P mu (N/m2)? Co What is the radius of the bubbles formed (mm)? Time D;c= 0. .5 mm Figure P1.1l 3.56 A long solid cylindrical weight of length L \ has a small hole of diameter D drilled from end to end along the cylinder axis. A wire of radius J R is strung through the hole in the weight, and \ the wire is stretched vertically between two sup- ports. The wire is wetted with a viscous liquid. When the weight is released from a high position, it falls under the action of gravity, along the wire. The viscous liquid always fills the annular region between the weight and the wire, and as a conse-
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