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110311 hw5-f011 - (y = 0 at the constant speed U in its.own...

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(' h t \ ~o F\ \~'- u2J =t+=- 5 ~6.4 ''suppose that the slider bearing d~scribed in ~ainple 6.1.1 must support a l.oad .of 1000 ,:foUnds (f.orce) per inch width. Assume that 8= ;~o is maintained and that the bearing positi.on Jadjusts itself t.o a value .of the gap Ho t.o support (the l.oad. What is the value .of Ho f.or this case? \What is the value .of H t f.or this case1 D.o y.ou ,.ce any pr.obl.e~~ ..witb .this desi 1 H.ow does y.our answer change ffthe l.oa 15 re uce y a fact.or .of 10? ® A fluid initially at rest and b.ounded by tw.o ngtd parallel planes is suddenly set in m.oti.on by the m.ovement C?f the l.ower surface
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Unformatted text preview: (y = 0) ' at the constant speed U in its .own plane. At steady state this fi.ow has the velocity pr.ofile u(y, t) = U (1 -~) (P7.LI) . whe,e d is the space between the plates. a. F.ormulate the dynamic equati.ons and ary and initial conditi.ons f.or the transient .of this fi.ow. b. The soluti.on .ofthese equati.ons is kn.own u(y,t) = U( 1-~) _ 2 U i 1. exp (_ n2Tf2 v~) sin . , 11' ,. ~ l n d .. Give the value .of the dimensi.onless time T = vtl d 2 at which the vel.ocity al.ong y = dl2 is within 1% .of its steady state value. Is the result consis-tent with the statement f.oll.owing Eq. 7.1.181 ,...
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