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Unformatted text preview: ChE 128 Separa-on Processes Instructor: Prof. Sco9 Office hours: MWF 2:00- 2:30, 3325 Engr II Teaching assistants: Taeho Hwang and Kat Camacho Office hours: TR 2:30- 4:00, 3201 Engr II Prerequisites: ChE 10 (Mass/energy balances), ChE 110A- B (Thermo) Textbook: Separa-on Process Engineering, P. C. Wankat, 3rd Edi-on Homework problems assigned from the textbook. Course website: www.chemengr.ucsb.edu/~ceweb/courses/che128/ Examina-on schedule First midterm exam (20%): Friday, October 14th, in class Second midterm exam (20%): Wednesday, November 9th, in class Final exam (40%): Wednesday, December 7th, 4 – 7 pm ALL EXAMS ARE OPEN- BOOK, OPEN- NOTES. Homework (20 % of final grade) Problems assigned Mondays and Wednesdays in class. Due Wednesdays and Fridays in class. Individual work required. Solu-ons will not be posted. For extra prac-ce: • a9empt problems indicated with * in textbook, • will not be graded, although TAs can assist you. Reading assigned on Fridays. Today’s reading assignment Wankat, ch 1: Intro to Separa-on Process Engineering, pp. 1- 10. Handout: “Separa-ons: A Short History and a Cloudy Crystal Ball”, P. C. Wankat, Chem. Engr. Educ. 2009, 43, 286. See ques-ons on last page. Objec-ves for today’s lecture •  Explain the importance of separa-ons to chemical engineering. •  Define a unit opera-on, and give several examples from separa-ons; •  Iden-fy separa-ons unit opera-ons on a process flow diagram; •  Define equilibrium; •  Introduce the concept of an equilibrium stage. C2H4 + H2O C2H5OH ...
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