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100311ChE128 HW 2D24-7

100311ChE128 HW 2D24-7 - D 23 W e w ish r o f lashd istill...

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D23. We wish ro flashdistill 1000 kmol/h of a feed that is 40 molyo methane, 5 mol% ethyl_ ene, 35y" mole ethane, and 20 molo/o n_hexane. Drum pressure is 2500 kpa and drum temperature is 0.C. Use the Depriester charts. Find V/Il x1, y;, ! E D24, We plan to separate a mixture or propane and n_hexane at 300 kp.r. a. Using the data in the Depriester charts, plot y propane versus x propane 1br this rruxture at this pressure. b. ff th€- feed is 30 molo/o propane, and 40 mol% of the feed is vaporized, what are the liquid and vapor rnole fractions, and what is the drum temperature? Solve graphi_ caly c. What is the drum temperature in palt b? d. If y = 0.8and the feed is 0-6(both mole fraction propane), what is the valueof V/F? _ - _ e. Use the Rachford-Rice equation to check the answers obiained in parts b and c. D25. We wish to flashdistill a mixture of methane and n_butane in a flashdrum operating at 50'C. The feed is 20 molyo methane and g0 mol% n_butane.
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