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100311ChE128 HW 2H3-5

100311ChE128 HW 2H3-5 - p H Computer S readsheetProblems H1...

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H. H1. Comp uter S p re ads heet Problems Use a spreadsheet to solve Problem 2.D.16, but with iso-butane replacing n-butane. See Appendix B for Chapter 2 before starting on this problem. Show that the spreadsheet in Figures 2.B-3 and,2,B-4. has convergence difficultiesif Goal Seek is used to make cell B19 (:xj = 1) equal 1 by changing cell Bg (V/F). A feed containing 30 molTo isobutane,25To n-pentane, and 45% n-hexane is flashed at a drum pressure of 50 psia and drum temperature of 650"R. Find V/F, liquid mole frac- tions, and vapor mole fractions. Use Eq. (2-30) and parameters in Table 2-3. Use a spreadsheet to solve this problem. (Tirrn in two copies of the spreadsheet-one with numbers in the cellsand one with equations in the cells.) CHAPTER 2 APPENDIX A. COMPUTER SIMULATION OF FLASH DISTILLATION Multicomponent flash distillationis a good placeto start learning how to use a process simu- lator. The problems can easily becomeso complicated that you dont want to do them by hand, but are not so complicated that the working of the simulator is a mysterJ4 In addition, the simulator is unlikely to have convergence problems. Although the directions in this appendix are specific to Aspen Plus, the procedures and problems are adaptable to any procass simulator. The directions were written for Aspen plus V 7.2,2010 but will probably applywith little change to newer venions when they are released.
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