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collected, the amount of material left in the still pot, and the average concentration of distillate. Pressure is 1 atm. Equilibrium data are given in Table 2-7. 03.* We wish to use a distillation system with a still pot plus a column with one equilibrium stage to batch distill a mixture of methanol and water. A total condenser is used. The feed is 57 mol % methanol. We desire a final bottoms concentration of 15 mol % methanol. Pressure is 101.3 kPa. Reflux is a saturated liquid, and Lo/D is constant at 1.85. Find Wfinal' Dtotal' and XD , avg' Methanol-water equilibrium data are given in Table· 2-7 Calculate on the basis of 1 kmol of feed. . D4. We wish to do a simple batch distillation (1 equilibrium contact) of a mixture of ace- tone and ethanol. The feed charge to the still pot is 80 mol % acetone. The final con- centration in the still pot will be 40 mol % acetone. The final amount of material- in the still pot is 2.0 kmole. Vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) data are in Problem 4.D7. Find· the feed amount F, the average mole fraction of the distillate, and the kmoles of distil- late collected. 05. A simple batch distillation is being done to process a feed containing water and n- .. butanol that is 52 mol% water. The feed to the still pot is 3.0 kmol. The final still pot. concentration should be 28 mol % water. Equilibrium data are in Table 8-2. 3. Find W final (final amount in the still pot, kmole), Dv,tot (total amount of distillate vapor collected, kmole), and YD,avg (average mole fraction water in the vapor distillate). b. After the distillate vapor is condensed in the total condenser, the liquid is sent to the settler. Two distillate liquid products are withdrawn. Find the total amounts · of each distillate liquid collected, Dl (with x D1 , water = 0.573) and D2 (with x D2 ,water= 0.975), in kmoles.
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