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C HEMICAL E NGINEERING 132A Professor Todd Squires Spring Quarter, 2007 Homework 3 Due Friday, May 11 Problem 1. This problem is designed to help you think carefully about setting up ODEs. It is a beeFer version of Problem 4 on the midterm exam, that brings in additional subtleties. It is a good idea to make sure you know how to set up and solve this kind of problem. You have two tanks – call them A and B – each of which contains 20 gallons of clean water. You pump salt water with concentration c ( t ) into tank A at the rate of 10 gallons/second. You pump salt water with concentration d ( t ) into tank B at 10 gallons/second. A pipe carries salt water from tank A to tank B at a rate of 20 gallons/second, and a second pipe carries salt water from B to A at a rate of 10 gallons/second. ±inally, a pipe carries the ‘Fnal’ product out of tank B at a rate of 20 gallons/second. a. Draw a diagram of the situation, clearly labelling the ²ow rates, volumes, concentrations, etc. b.
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