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051407-132a-clab 6 - C HEMICAL E NGINEERING 132A Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: C HEMICAL E NGINEERING 132A Professor Todd Squires Spring Quarter, 2007 Computer Lab Assignment 6 Partial Differential Equations using COMSOL Today we’re going to start looking at PDEs. There are two real skills in dealing with PDEs – finding solutions to PDEs, and understanding what PDEs are and how they will behave. The methods for solving PDEs tend to be fairly involved – it is fair to say that some of these will be the most involved mathematical calculations you have done so far in your life. It is thus easy for students to get lost in the details of how to solve particular equations, and to lose the bigger picture – intuitively what a PDE is, what it is describing, and what solutions should look like, etc. You actually do have quite a bit of intuition for this, whether you realize it or not. We have not discussed any methods to solve PDEs – that will be the subject of the last few weeks in class – so here we are going to use a different program called COMSOL (formerly known as FEMLAB). COMSOL is a user-semi-friendly, GUI-based ”finite element” solver for PDEs. That is a technical detail that is less important to know at the moment, than simply to keep in mind that COMSOL will solve a variety of PDEs numerically. As with all such programs – you should always look at the answers you get with a skeptical eye. If they don’t smell right, they may not be. PDEs can be extremely challenging to solve, and all-purpose ‘black box’ programs can not handlethey may not be....
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051407-132a-clab 6 - C HEMICAL E NGINEERING 132A Professor...

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